Westminster Schools on the right track! Uh, that’s good news…right?

I came across this article In the Westminster Window and thought it would be worth mentioning if you or someone you know is looking to buy in the Westminster area. With demand for homes on the rise, the school district of a particular home you love may not always include a school that is favorable academically. 

It’s one thing when a school district begins to recognize and make changes to impact the students they serve, but when those changes are being recognized by Non-partisan education organizations such as AdvanceED it becomes a different ballgame. Their rigorous evaluation criteria lends credibility to the strides the school district is making to achieve new academic milestones.   This achievement will begin to draw more people to the Westminster community and is just going to further fuel demand for homes in this district.  Adding further fuel to the fire, is the new development at the old Westminster Mall location at Hwy 36 and 92nd Ave. Higher demand means higher home prices, which is great for sellers, but can be challenging for those looking to get a home at significant discounts and move into the area. 

CLICK HERE for the article from the Westminster Window.